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‘Pseudo Random’

(blue vinyl + free digital download)


The debut album is a tapestry of 7 pieces composed as one


Cecilie Sadolin, invites the listeners on an experimental and challenging musical journey with her first album ‘Pseudo Random’.‘Pseudo Random’ is a tribute to the raw and abstract musical borderland and a revolt against a constant focus on image and narrow boxes. The album is a hybrid between a recognizable, traditional rhythmic music world and a twisted, dark and manipulated electronic world. It has a neat and polished surface, but hides a lot of dark secrets, the deeper you get into the album. ‘Pseudo Random’ is a tribute to the raw musical expression that comes to life in the combination of various music genres and the title of the album refers to an algorithm which is programmed to generate random numbers.


“Pseudo Random” was created in collaboration with the string group WHO KILLED BAMBI, which has also worked with musicians such as Pernille Rosendahl, Steffen Brandt, Søren Huss, Rod Stewart, Oh Land and Teitur and producer Christian Tronhjem. ‘Pseudo Random’ is released through the Berlin-Based label RecordJET.

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